Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up: January

I cannot believe the first month of the New Year has already come and gone. Time flies! No seriously, my clock just flew out the window!

This month I somehow miracously read 4 books! It's a huge accomplishment because I only set out my goal to read 35 books and I'm already %14 there!

Reading Stats This Month! 

Books Read: 4
Total # of pages: 1505
Genre of books read: 2 Adult, 2 YA dystopian

I must say I'm proud of myself for reading this much because I have a 4 month old son who fills literally all my time. My days are full of bottles, playing peek a boo and fighting to get him to take a nap. I seriously kicked January's butt!
Let's hope this trend keeps up,seriously because that would just be awesome!

Books that I read ( click on each rating to see the review!)

 Uninvited by Sophie Jordan
Uninvited was a pretty good YA dystopian read. I thoroughly enjoyed it & am looking forward to the second/last book of the dualogy this month!

  Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Rating: 4/5
This was my favorite read of the month and it did already earn a spot on my favorites of 2015 list because it just resagnited with me so much. I gave it a 4/5 because their was a couple of quirks I didn't like about it but overall such an amazing, heartbreaking read!

 The Book of Ivy was Amy Engel
Rating: 4/5
This was another good YA dystopian. The plot was super interesting but a couple of the characters knocked it down to 4/5 for me!

Love, Rosie
Rating: 4/5
This book was super cute! It's told all in emails, IM's and letters and that is really unique. I honestly would have given this book a full 5/5 if the two main characters weren't so frustrating! I loved them but they seriously needed to get their act together! I can't wait to see the movie next week!

Looking Back

I noticed I rated each book I read this past month a 4 out of 5. How odd is that? I really enjoyed all of these books but I'm trying to be a bit stricter on my rating system. For a book to have a full 5/5 for me it has to grip me from beginning to end and I just love it completely. While I loved most of the books I read in January I wasn't in love with them, does that make any sense?I hope so!

My Personal Life:

This month as flown by like a said! The statement is even truer when you have a young one. A month is a huge deal in a babies life. They develop so fast! This month little Noah can talk, well more like babble and make weird noises but it seriously sounds like he's trying to have a full on conversation with you! He can roll over from his stomach to his back! He can fully support his own head and he doesn't wobble it around anymore and he's even trying to sit up on his own!
Where did my baby go? He's growing way to fast!

My best friend is getting married this year & I am her matron of honor which means the world to me! I went with her as she picked out her wedding dress this past weekend and it is beautiful! I am so excited for her wedding! We also found all the bridesmaids dresses and they are super cute but man I will have to lose alot of weight! I'm using this wedding as motivation to truly get in shape! My first step on this weight loss journey is to completely cut out soda which will be super hard because I love Dr.Pepper and go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I can do this!

How was your January? What did you read and what did you do?
I would love to know!

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  1. I'm adding Love, Rosie to my list. A few years ago I read a book that was all letters and loved it. If you liked this format, you might check out Ella Minnow Pea.
    Good luck on starting your journey! You can do it!!