Thursday, December 25, 2014

Grown Up Books

I'm an adult.
I'm 26 years old & I love to read Young Adult fiction.
Yes, it's out of my age range but I still adore reading it.
I think there's nothing with reading YA books at any age, heck even middle grade books at any age.

If your reading then that's awesome!


Anyway, onto the blog!
Yes I love reading YA but I also love reading adult fiction or 'grown up books'. 
I enjoy reading about marriages, people having kids, having family problems because I can relate to all of those things.
I've read a good amount of adult fiction but not nearly as much as I want to read.
So I've composed a list of some 'grown up books' I want to read next year!

Emily Giffin

I read Something Borrowed way back when the movie came out & really enjoyed it! All of these sound very interesting & bonus I checked and they are all at my library.
Yay for free books!

Jojo Moyes

I have heard INSANELY good things about Me before you, so I must read it! I read the synopsis's of her other books and they sounded interesting but The Last Letter from Your Lover sounds amazing!
I need to get my hands on these ASAP!

These are all just random adult books I've wanted to read for awhile.

If you guys want to see a post on my favorite 'grown up' books just let me know!


  1. Me Before You is one of my favorite books, but have tissues handy. I like Emily Giffen, but did not care for My One and Only. And I am double your age, and still enjoy a good YA novel!

  2. The last 5 look so good! I really want to start reading more "grown-up books" in 2015.

    Christina | Passion Obsession: Hosting a Christmas Giveaway

  3. Me Before You is one of my favorite books ever, even though it had me sobbing like mad :-)
    BTW, I also think that age does not matter when you choose what you want to read: I'm 34 and I love YA books as well!

  4. Me Before You and Last Letter From Your Lover are amazing. Love JoJo Moyes!!

  5. Something Blue is actually kind of a sequel to Something Borrowed but told from Darcy's perspective! I highly recommend it especially if you would like to hear more about Something Borrowed's characters :)

  6. I can never understand the deal with adult fictions. For example, I've read Something Borrowed as well as Something Blue and honestly... I was bored. Most the adults books I've read bored me so much, mostly because they were too ... realistic?

    I don't know about you but I love to be taken to some other places when I read, I love to read about magic, and adventure. I find adult books to be too real for me to actually get into them and enjoy reading them.