Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Latest Obession: Friday Night Lights

It's no secret I love T.V shows. I watch a ton of them and honestly can't get enough of them. One of my favorite things to do is find a show on Netflix that has already ended and just marathon it in it's entirety. 
 I found Friday Night Lights on a whim. I've heard several amazing things about it but I just never watched it. For one I don't watch a lot of drama tv shows and it's a show about football which I don't really care about.
  This show is so much more than football. It's about a family, a husband & a wife, high school kids who are trying to figure their life's out and of course football. It's got heart & is just an amazing show.

Of course my 2 favorite characters are Coach Taylor and his wife, Tami. They are just amazingly, well written characters. There marriage is beautiful as well. I loved how the show showed a true marriage with fights and complications but most of all a deep love that no matter what cannot be shaken.

If your not a fan of football (that much) you will still love this show. Yes the show's theme is overall football but it's about lives in a highly orientated football town. After watching this show I want to go to a football game and just enjoy the fans and the rush of energy.

Bottom line is, if your looking for an amazing show full of heart, intensity and yes football watch this show! 

I am on season 4 & can't wait to finish the whole thing!


  1. I never watched this because I thought it was all about football. Maybe I'll give it a try now. :)

  2. I discovered this show a few years ago, too! I binge watched the first season, but then had a break and watched something else...but your post has just reminded me that I never watched season 2! WhatIsWrongWithMe!?

  3. I love discovering new TV shows and marathoning them, it's surprisingly satisfying! I'm currently in the process of watching Supernatural and I cannot get enough of it...

    Tea & Stripes