What is Booktube you ask?

It is a small community on Youtube where people from everywhere make videos all about books! 
It is an amazing community where everyone is friends and you can connect with people that also love books as yourself! Speaking for myself, I only have two friends that avidly read like I do. So it is awesome to be able to connect with people on Booktube that love reading just as much as I do!

If you are interested in the booktube community I recommend just typing 'booktube' in the Youtube search bar & go from there!
Also if you are new to the community please check out booktuber, Elizziebooks who hosts Booktube Newbs which are videos featuring new Booktubers! She also does a weekly video called Booktube News, where she features cool booktube videos of the week!
Here are some of my 'Booktube' Videos! To see more of my videos visit my channel!

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