Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Harry Potter Shelf

A couple of weeks ago I reorganized my entire bookcase. The reason for this is because we had to move my office downstairs so I had to rearrange everything.
I decided to dedicate a portion of one of my shelf's to Harry Potter. I thought I would share with you guys my little Harry Potter shelf because I just adore it so. 

So here's my little Harry Potter nook!

So here are some of my HP trinkets. I have the glasses of course, a pin a friend got for me as well as an awesome Harry Potter wallet!
Then I have a couple of just old looking books. One is a previous journal of mine & the other is just an old book my in laws had.
Then of course I have my beloved timeturner!
Now onto the books! Last Christmas Matt gave me the new Harry Potter box set. My old ones were beat up! Let me be clear, they were so beat up that some of them were missing the dust jackets, my old dog had taken a bite out of one of them, they were a HOT MESS. 
Don't worry! I haven't gotten rid of my old copies, I will forever have them because they were the originial copies I read when I was 13. They are a keepsake! I just packed them up for safekeeping!
Look how pretty!
 Now to show you each of the covers! I adore all of them! I think my favorites are Goblet of Fire & The Half Blood Prince though! So colorful!

Here's all the books in their glory!!!

I also have Quidditch Through the Ages & Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them!
I also have Harry Potter Page To Screen & Harry Potter Film Wizardry. If you are a Harry Potter lover then you must get these! They are so beautiful but expensive! So maybe a Christmas or a birthday gift could happen? 
So that's all my Harry Potter stuff! Of course there's tons more that I want!
What kind of HP stuff do you have?



  1. The pictures of all your paperbacks lined up is gorgeous! I"m jealous of all the memorabilia too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really want the new paperbacks of HP! Great pictures! :D

  3. omg i love the book collectioon and how all the edges line up!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. I just have my original hardbacks. I adore the new boxed set -- but just can't see adding it. The covers though -
    I always love how your bookshelves look in your video backgrounds.

  5. This is brilliant!!!
    I, too, have an entire shelf dedicated to only Harry Potter books and related items.
    And that new set of books are amazing! Love how their spins all line up like that too!

  6. I have my own nook on my shelf dedicated to HP too, but yours is a lot cooler :)

  7. LOVE IT!! I want all these things haha I need to start a collection :)

  8. I love the photo of all of the new covers lined up :) My boyfriend LOVES Harry Potter, so I'll have to get him one of the film hardcovers! Thanks for sharing!