Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Behind the scenes- DIY Butterbeer Shake

Yesterday I put up a video on how to make your own Butterbeer Shake. I've gotten alot of comments about the setup & decor of the video so I thought I would share with you what all was in the video!
I got the recipe from:  http://sugarbeanbakers.blogspot.com/2013/03/butterbeer-shake.html

We filmed everything on a table & I just filled it up with Harry Potter related things!!

First there's a marauders map I got out of the book Harry Potter Film Wizardry.  Behind it is just an old glass vial Matt found at work and we filled it with water & some red food coloring.
Right on top of the map you will see a blurred pocket watch. Matt bought this awhile ago at an antique shop. You will soon learn we are big on antiques! 
The book pictured is just a really old book we have that looks cool and on top of it is the infamous Harry Potter glasses. My mom found these at -get this- the beach! How random! 
Throughout the intro of the video we had a glass bubbling. This is thanks once again to Matt who filled the glass up with water and a couple drops of red food coloring & a chunk of dry ice. Magical isn't it?
Behind it is Harry Potter Film Wizardry & next to it is a globe that usually sits on my bookshelf.
The book in the very back is Harry Potter, Page to Screen. In front of it is a Pinterest project I made ages ago that has a light in it. Then I have an old book that's on top of one of my old journals. On top of both is Hermione's Timeturner.

& That's it! My whole setup. So as you can see there are quite a few HP things but a ton of antique items as well.
I hope you guys decide to make your own butterbeer shake! Let me know how it turns out!

I made this video because a bunch of friends and I are hosting #SummerOfSpells. A 3 month read a long for Harry Potter. Whether your reading Harry Potter for the first time or rereading for the 12th (Like myself), join us! On each of our channels all summer long will be Harry Potter related videos!

Below I featuring a link of my friend, Jessica's blog who is apart of Summer Of Spells and has compiled a playlist of all the videos!

I hope you join us for Summer Of Spells!
Let's make this a magical summer!
What HP recipe should I make next?