Friday, November 7, 2014

My Office Space

I've already made a video about my office space but I thought I would write a blog with photos as well!

Sorry for the dusty screen on my Mac!
My office is consists of a little desk in a corner of my living room. We already had this beautiful vintage desk that a friend gave us and we just incorporated it in with my bookshelf.

Right above it is a small cabinet my husband built for me. As if he doesn't build me enough! 

Behind my Mac I have 2 cork boards I just put random things on. Photos, letters and etc!
The thing that holds my pens is a weird sculpture I made way back in high school! It's weird looking I know but I just can't seem to get rid of it.

Just more shots of my little work area!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into where I make blog posts, videos & edit photos!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. How cool is your office!
    And I love that "Keep calm and read on" card *_______*

    Bye :)

  2. Nice set up!

    I would highly recommend using a medicine ball for a chair. It's great for your back and posture. Best thing I ever did.


    —Vic S.—