Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five Summer by Una LaMarche

Five Summers by Una LaMarche
Published by Razorbill on May 16, 2013
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 384

The summer we were nine: Emma was branded “Skylar’s friend Emma” by the infamous Adam Loring...
The summer we were ten: Maddie realized she was too far into her lies to think about telling the truth...
The summer we were eleven: Johanna totally freaked out during her first game of Spin the Bottle...
The summer we were twelve: Skylar’s love letters from her boyfriend back home were exciting to all of us—except Skylar...
Our last summer together: Emma and Adam almost kissed. Jo found out Maddie’s secret. Skylar did something unthinkable... and whether we knew it then or not, five summers of friendship began to fall apart

This book is all about friendship & I love reading books on that subject matter. My all time favorite series about friendship is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'd say if you liked that series, you will like this book as well.

This book follows 4 best friends throughout their 5 summers at camp. The book begins with all of the girls reuniting for a weekend for their camp reunion. They all haven't been together since their last summer at camp, their 5th summer. Throughout this whole weekend the girls bond, learn new things about each other as well as some long kept secrets. 

I enjoyed all of the characters. I especially liked Emma & Jo. I can't explain why, I just felt an instant connection to the two. I like Maddie as well but Skylar? Skylar I could not really get on board with...if you have read the book you will know why. I liked reading each of the character's development and how far they have come.

I loved reading the flashbacks that took place in previous summers and seeing how all these girls became friends. It was heartwarming to read. I have two best friends that yes sometimes we drift apart but at the end of the day we are there for each other no matter what. I love reading friendship stories like this!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending. There was a situation throughout the entire book that kept building and building up and it eventually exploded but I just wish there was more resolve with the situation. I would have also have loved to see what all the girls are up to 5 years after the reunion. Did they keep in touch? What are they doing with their lives?

If your looking for a book about friendship and camp feelings and all around mushiness, I def. recommend picking this book up.

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