Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday- Book Related Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish.

This week is all about book related problems! As avid readers we all get them. Whether it be a silly problem or a serious one, the struggle is REAL.

1. To Many books, not enough money.

We all struggle with this one. I want to buy all the books in the world! The special editions, the movie cover copies, the really pretty books, I want them all! We live in tough times my friend so the option of buying all the books won't happen for me. Maybe one day but until then I'll just keep pining over ALL THE BOOKS.

2. To Many Unread Books

About a year ago I started getting emails from publishers wanting me to review for me. Um, literally nothing could excite me more! I agreed to read all the books they sent me and boy was that a mistake. I've learned quickly not to agree to read every book someone wants you to review because 1. Sometimes you might not have enough time 2. You thought the book would be interesting but it isn't and you have obligations to read it.
 I've learned now to only ask/buy and accept  books  I know I will without a doubt read because let's face it a whole wall of books is beautiful but if over half of them are unread, you will feel daunted.

3. The Wait

How many times have you devoured the 1st or 2nd or others in the series within days and then realized you have to wait a whole year before the next book comes out! That wait is horrid and far to excruciating long!

4. Cover Changes

Mid Series cover changes ARE THE WORST. I have ranted about this before & will several times more! I truly dislike when the 2nd or last book in the series comes out and they change the cover! I mean I bought the first 2 with the same cover schemes and then they just up and change it!

Take for example the Across The Universe Trilogy. The first 2 books in the series were beautiful and then the third one came out...

 And it was a Tarzan jungle. Why oh why? Cover changes are the worst.

5.  Not enough space

If I could I would have bookshelves all over my house but alas there's just not enough room! #booknerdproblems for real!

6.  Not enough time

After becoming a Mom my reading time went significantly down. I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes a day to read. I'm a real book lover so I'm struggling with this but I know in time it will get better and I will have more time to read.

7. TBR Pile

This is probably on everyone's list. My TBR pile feels never ending & I hate it!


8. Reading Everywhere

I have a habit of taking a book everywhere with me. When I'm waiting in line at the store, I read. When I'm stuck in traffic, I read. When things are boring at a social event, I read. I don't think people really like that though so it's a problem.

9. Reading Slumps

They are the worst. We all go through them & it sucks.

10. Final book in a series isn't good.

I have several favorite series and trilogies where I love the first couple of books and then the last one comes out and it doesn't end the way it should! I invested so much time into loving the story and characters and when the series ends horribly...it just makes me really sad!


  1. Love the post :) i have to be part of top ten tuesday ;)

  2. I've read several of these top 10 posts today, and yours was the first one highlighting one of my huge pet peeves.....cover changes. Arrrrgggh! I bought 2 copies of Stephanie Perkins Anna and Lola books because the darn covers didn't match!

    1. Do you think that is why it happens? Because they know it will spur many people to purchasing second copies to have a matched set?

  3. On board with you with #8. Always good to have something to read. I've done this for years - decades, really.
    This past week, my son (who is 8) and I ran an errand at the bank to switch accounts. We sat down in the chair and he immediately asks for the car keys so he can go get his book.
    It was literally one of the happiest moments of my life. I was grinning like a fool and I'm pretty sure the bank lady thought I was crazy!
    Second to that was catching him reading and walking in to dinner tonight.