Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Youtube/Blog Goals for 2015

Since I shared with you guys my reading goals I thought why not share my Youtube & Blog goals as well!
As said many times before, life is crazy for me! 
I plan to try to keep up with all my work with a baby still & I hope this post will hold me accountable!

Onto the goals!

1. Post at least 2 videos a week.

I'm doing good with this so far. I slacked a little late November/ early December but I am picking it back up now!

2. Blog at least 2 a week

Hmm this one is a toughie. Sometimes I have a tough time coming up with cool posts for people to read. Other than book reviews and Top Ten Tuesday's I struggle for posts.
This means I need your help!
What kind of posts do you guys want to see on this blog? I need suggestions! Any suggestions I would be grateful for so please comment & leave some for me!

3. Be more creative

I'm a creative gal. I am a wedding photographer and I thrive on creativity and sometimes I can lose it. It happens to everyone honestly and we all can get in a rut.
I want to push myself next year to be even more creative, to think outside of the box.
To make interesting videos & blog posts and to love doing each one of them.

4. Reply more to comments

Before I had my son, I was the queen at making sure I commented back everyone who commented on my videos. My thought is if someone takes the time out to watch my video the least I can do is to comment back to let them know I'm grateful that they watched.
When baby came along, I stopped commenting back altogether, not intentionally of course. I honestly just don't have the time and that breaks my heart.
I love my viewers!
They are amazing, sweet people. Sometimes I get a mean comment and my long time viewers are quick to comment back saying something nice about me which I adore.  
I need to make it a priority to comment back & I want to!

So there are my goals for this next year!

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    I really adore your videos and I'm just happy that you also write a blog. I love your posts about new books you bought. And posts with recommendations about books and authors as well. Also I really like your photos. So I think you should take more pictures and share them here...
    For the fun fact I love books by Sarah Dessen just like you. And for that I really believe to your opinion about books. So if you would able to write book reviews more often, I would be happy.
    Have a very nice time with your awesome husband and beautiful son as well as with your books...