Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- Top 10 Books of 2014

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish

Ok so I admit I have been dreading writing this post. Why? I looked back on the books I read this past year & I wasn't super excited looking at it. I read some amazing books this year but the majority of them were mediocre in my opinion.
I think that's because I just wanted to read as much as possible. Granted I only read 47 books this year but that's because 3 months ago I had a baby so all my time went to him which I didn't mind at all.
I read a ton but wasn't super in love with alot that I read if that makes sense.
So this list is kind of all over the place!
Just a forewarning!

I loved this book! I wasn't a huge fan of Kenneally's last books but I adored this one. It's about Annie who is training to run a marathon for her ex-boyfriend who died. It's an amazing book about motivation, pushing yourself and moving on.

Of course I loved this, I mean Stephanie Perkins wrote it. I will say it was probably my least favorite out of the triology but I still loved it none the less. If your looking for gooey, mushy love this is it!

This book was so hilarious! It's a funny adventure book about a girl named Harper who has to become a paladin and protect the one person on Earth who she hates the most! So funny, a must read!

I went into this book expecting one thing but it completly blew my mind! It's marked as a mystery but I would say it's more of a family drama as well. Mix in mystery with family problems and a mixed race family in the 70's and you have an amazing book!

I finally read it! I've been holding off on reading this for forever because cancer is a bit of bad history in my life but this book was amazing! I read it this year because of the movie coming out (which I own but have still yet to watch!). An amazing book of course!

There is seriously not a Matson book I don't love! This one was amazing! It was all about friendship & finding out who you are!

Another author who can't seem to write a book I don't love. I adored this one! I don't think alot of people loved it as much as I did but I loved the aspect of marriage in this one. So, so good!

I love this series! This is my 2nd favorite of the series with the 1st book being my favorite. If your looking for an awesome paranormal book that's different and unique this series is the one to pick up!

The last book in the series & I loved it! I'm sure you already know all about this series so I will continue on.

My favorites of the year! I loved this series! The first book was amazing! The second book- awesome! The last book- fantastic! This series is seriously so amazing! I can't wait until more books come out!

So there were my favorites from this past year!
What are some of yours?


  1. Awesome choices! COHF made my favorites for this year too!

  2. Isla and Since You've Been Gone are on my list too! I really loved them so much. And Crown of Midnight, aaah it's so great. And Blue Lily, Lily blue as well. Basically, your list is made of awesome books :)