Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Books & Movies To Get In The Halloween Spirit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish.

This week is all about Halloween & what gets you in the Halloween spirit! I've picked out 5 movies & 5 books that remind me of Halloween!


This isn't technically a Halloween book but I think of Halloween when I read it. It's very paranormal and an odd book that I love & would be perfect for Halloween!

I started this book and never finished it because it's pretty creepy. It screams All Hallows Eve!

I read this book & enjoyed it! It's also very creepy and you honestly can't trust the main character because you can't tell if she's having hallucinations or if it's real. 

This is probably on everyone's list because it's truly a Halloween book. A haunted house with a ghost- need I say more?

 Probably the least Halloween book on my list but the third book is came out this week so I wanted to put it on here and because it's kind of a creepy book. 


6. Hocus Pocus
A classic!

7. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
As you can see on this list I'm not a fan of scary things because I'm a scaredy cat!

8. Halloweentown
A classic Disney Channel movie!

9. The Office Halloween Episodes
This is kind of cheating but I always watch all The Office Halloween episodes around this time because they are hilarious!

10. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Another classic!

What books/movies put you in the Halloween spirit?

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