Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, Very Bad Day

My husband, Matthew & I saw this a couple weeks ago on our first day out without baby Noah. I wanted to see it and well to be honest there was nothing else good in theaters.

This was such an adorable, light hearted, amazing family movie! I think alot of older people ( I mean 16 and up) will be turned off by this movie because it seems like a little kid movie but it's really not. I laughed through the entire thing! 

Steve Carrell is in the movie and to be honest that was the only selling point for my husband and I. We love Steve Carrell! Now that I think about it he's probably my favorite actor! We love The Office and pretty much every movie he's been in! He was great in the movie, that goes without saying and the rest of the cast was spot on as well!

Bottom line-

If your looking for a light hearted, funny, family movie go see this! I want to watch it again right now as a matter of fact! It was just so adorable and I really hope it does well in the box office!

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