Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Things

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by 

This week is all about Bookish things you want to own!
1. This shirt because...
Well for one Rory freakin Gilmore wore it and because reading is sexy!
 2. I need to have this! Just in case people forget who lent them that awesome book!
Hint- It was me sucka!
 3. These bookends need to be on my shelf right now.
 4. And this mug needs to have my tea in it.
 5. I am redoing my bookcase area soon and will have a wall
to put awesome things on, this NEED to be one of them.
 6. I have ALWAYS wanted to wear this
 7. I also have always wanted to have this be my phone case
 8. I love candles. Author scented candles? Yes, please!
 9. This shirt, I gots to have it.
 10. These shoes I would rock everyday!


  1. Dude! That stamp and the Hermoine print are awesome! I love your list!

  2. really want that stamp!


  3. Gosh that stamp is just gorgeous! :)